True steakhouse cuts

Our beef is held to a higher standard. It’s all Midwestern raised, corn-fed, Premium Gold Angus. Naturally aged for 40 days and nights. All cuts are hand selected and trimmed to our exacting specifications by our 3rd generation butcher. You can’t buy this stuff in any grocery store. It is ours and ours alone — until it’s yours.


Crazy-fresh fish & seafood

We source only the freshest fish and seafood and are wholly committed to the sustainability of fish and shellfish stocks worldwide.  We consistently strive to source the freshest products from individuals and companies who are like minded. You will absolutely taste the difference.


Heritage bred chicken & Pork

Our chicken and pork are raised humanely on small farms. Given more time to mature, the meat is significantly more tender and flavorful — and without the need for hormones or antibiotics. One bite and we swear it’ll take a couple of days to wipe the silly grin off your face.